Embrace The Change: Nicole Grafton

Uncategorized Aug 03, 2018

I love this girl and I love her story....so I had to share it with you.

Stories like these seriously fire me up! Gives me so much hope, and I love sharing them because it’s proof of what really can happen when we are willing to...

✔️get REAL with ourselves
✔️face our fears
✔️dive in DESPITE uncertainty
✔️trust the process
✔️let go of perfection and just be PRESENT!

I mean, check this out...

"Before I even started this nutrition program, I thought to myself.... “this is going to be way too hard, I can’t do this” .... “I'm not as consistent as the others in the group” .... “I’ve NEVER done a test group like this”. ALL of the above, I said to myself almost every day. I was scared to fail. #comparisontrap I was scared to show just how far gone I’d let my body go.

Patrick was behind me 1000% and we just dove in blind The first few weeks were rough with learning, letting go, and really addressing some monsters in both of our closets. The numbers are down and so is the scale but what matters most....

❤️how much energy I have (the sitter even noticed!)

❤️how confident I feel #alltheselfies

❤️how FREE I feel for the first time on a nutrition plan (no deprivation and eating ALL the food groups) #bread #wine

❤️how little I’ve felt the urge to overeat

❤️how free I am

❤️how much happier I feel

❤️how better I feel internally and mentally

Seriously, this program has been life changing for me! I love it so dang much!
I'm glad I didn’t listen to fear and instead embraced the change. I have NOT been perfect (just ask those who see my food journals!) but the proof is in the pics.

So I want YOU to ignore those limiting beliefs you have that are holding you back."

WOW!! YEEESSSSS!!! Gives me chills!


And that is WORTH the ups and downs, the showing up, the tweaking and the learning!

And girlfriend, YOU ARE WORTH IT too.

Give yourself a chance! Like Nicole said, don’t listen to fear...EMBRACE THE CHANGE!!!

P.S. If you're ready to embrace the change and fight for YOU again, I'm ready to take your hand. You don't have to do it alone! What do you say we do this together??




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