Say it with me: I WANT MORE

Uncategorized Aug 06, 2018

I believe life should be fun. I think if you're not enjoying the journey, if you're not laughing, if you're not having fun, you're not doing it right🤔

That's not to say you won't go through tough times or have to do some really freaking hard things.

You will. I will. We all will.

You will cry. You will have your heart broken. You will get kicked in the teeth by life, and it will hurt😕 You will have to learn to forgive…and keep forgiving.

But I think too many people spend too much time suffering through life, just barely making it from one day to the next.

Some people are so stressed out, so overwhelmed, so exhausted, that's ALL they are. There's so much overwhelm, there's no room for joy. There's no room for peace. There's no room for excitement.

Listen to me…


You're not made for struggle. You're not made for exhaustion. You're not made for anxiety.

You're made for MORE.

I heard something from Rachel Hollis on a business call recently, and she said…

👉🏼You're ALLOWED to want more!

Listen Momma, sister, girlfriend…you are allowed to want more for your life.

You're allowed to look at your life today…at the piles of laundry you're too tired to fold, the stack of bills you're afraid to open, the kids' toys all over the floor you keep tripping on but haven't gotten around to picking up…you're allowed to look at the exhaustion and overwhelm and the promises to yourself that you've made (and broken) and want MORE.


You deserve more than "it is what it is."

And the moment you realize that…the moment you decide you want more…the moment you decide to rise above "it is what it is"…girlfriend, you will find the joy and peace RETURNING to your life🙌🏼

Not because everything is suddenly easy or because all the problems in your life melt away…

But because you DECIDED you want more. And that decision is powerful.

So fix your mom bun and let's do this thing together…because we're not meant to do it alone.



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